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Our Vision : To buildup healthy and educated community

Our Mission : Committed service in health and education

Our Goal : To make the community good in Health Care and in Education

CERTH-INDIA is a charitable, secular non-governmental organization which is registered as a society under the societies act of the Indian Government. At the initial stages of its functioning during 1983, it has worked for the rehabilitation of the persons with leprosy. With the containment and later eradication of leprosy, CERTH-India diversified its activities to other fields.

The  CERTH-INDIA  is  a  reputed  and foremost  NGO  in  the  Union  Territory  of  Pondicherry  started  some  37years  ago (11/07/1983)  to  provide  medical  care  to  the  leprosy  patients.  At  present  the  Health  Department  has  approved  our  organization  to  provide  DPMR  (Disability  Prevention  and  Medical  Rehabilitation)  activities  for  the  leprosy  patients  for  the  Pondicherry  Region.  Besides  our  work  in  the  leprosy  field  we  have  been  providing  health  care  through  our  Nicole  Durieux  Dispensary  at Dubrayapet  for  improving  the  general  health  of  about  10000  population  of  Dubrayapet  and  Vambakeerapalayam  coastal  villages  of  Pondicherry  free  of  cost.  Specially,  our  hospital  is  rendering  proper  health  services  to  the  downtrodden  people  from  economically  weaker  section  of  the  society  and  operating  a special  health  scheme  at  Rs.10/-  per family  for  one  year  with  free  consultation  and  medicine. 

Every year scholarships were awarded for about 100 students who are children of leprosy patients or whose parents were affected by leprosy. With  the  containment  of  Leprosy  we  have  started  a  low-cost hospital  in  1997 at  Dubrayapet,  Pondicherry  to  provide  outpatient  and  inpatient  care  to  the  economically  weaker  sections  of  the  people  of  Dubrayapet  and  Vambakeerapalayam villages.  The  hospital  is  having  all  infrastructure  facilities  like  Lab,  X-Ray,  Operation  Theatres,  Pharmacy,  Ambulance  services,  Generator    and  many  specialists  in  various  branches  visit  our  hospital  on  call  to  provide  treatment.  We  have  also  started  a  Dialysis  Unit  with  trained  and  skilled  Staff   to  give  our  best  service  to  the  Dialysis  patients.

We have been awarded  prestigious NATIONAL AWARD in recognition of our dedicated and commendable service to the society  in the year 1989.

We are also providing affordable medical treatment to poor patients. In  addition  to  the  above,  our  organization  is  offering  disability  care  through  Ortho  workshop  by  way  of  delivery  of  various  components  for  Polio  affected  children and  disabled. 

We are running a Special School for intellectually deficient students{Intellectual  Disability    (Mental  Retardation),  Cerebral  Palsy,  Autism  &  Down’s  Syndrome} and at present we have about 42 students  in  our  Special  School.  We  have  a  mini van  for   transporting  the  special children for  picking  up   and  drop  them.   Now,  22 students are getting benefitted through this service. 

In  our Hospital, we  have  started  Dialysis  Unit  with  ICU,  which  consists  of  five  Dialysis  machines.   We  are  giving  Dialysis  treatment  through  these  to  the  patients  satisfactorily and  their  convenient. 

Facilities available in CERTH-India


  • OPD services 24 x 7

  • IP (General – 17 bedded and Special Ward – 5 bedded)

  • Pharmacy

  • Lab

  • X-ray

  • Dialysis with 5 machines

  • ICU

  • Two OT Theatre – One Eye OT and One General OT

  • Free service to Leprosy patients (OPD and Residential)

  • Free medical service to people of Dubrayapet and Vambakeerapalayam


Email address :


Telephone No. : 0413-2224986 and 2337564

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